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Really Cool

After having a few packages stolen off of my front porch I found this app. No more stolen packages!

Bad user experience, poor underlying concept

You're forced to create an account with the service before you can see any possible delivery points outside a small window near (and locked down to) your current location, so if you're weighing your options and want to see if there are spots near your work or daycare or w/e, you either create yet another account with yet another password to remember even if you don't know yet if you're going to actually to use the service, or you have to run the app while you're physically at each location you want to check. Forcing you to sign up to get basic information like that is a horrible experience and feels really really skeevy. Also the fact that there are next to no reviews of this app in almost a year implies the service is getting zero traction IRL and doesn't encourage you to feel comfortable having them take delivery of your big-dollar online orders. How are your packages stored at the destination? Who has access to them? Who's liable if someone "walks off" with one—DropSpot? The local business? Certainly the carrier will wash their hands of it once delivery is completed. None of that is explained in the five pages of hype screens you can see without joining. At least with your apartment office you have a LITTLE leverage when something goes wrong with a delivery; good luck getting the strip-mall phone-repair joint to care! Re: the service in general, property managers do love it, I'm sure, as they get to offload the liability of accepting residents' packages. Residents will be less than thrilled at having to drive to some other location to pick up their packages, and pay for the privilege. (And once your management firm decides to force you over, you'll have to send ALL your packages to a DropSpot location, even if you have secure lockers for USPS delivery at your mailing address, because most shippers don't let you pick the carrier they use.) Avoid, assuming you have any choice in the matter.

An amazing new service for package management. Property managers will love it!!

So this app allows me to decide where my packages go. I especially love it for my wine deliveries which do not require me to be home to sign for packages. It's very very cool.

Great App

Best idea ever. "No more lost/stolen packages" Just signup with DropSpot, put the DropSpot location that is near to you then pay for your precious package and get your package at your earliest convenient time.

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